The Knox County Democrat Woman’s Club will meet on March 9 at 6:00 pm in the Heritage Conference Room at Union College Student Center. The speaker for the evening will be Ms. Ella Hensley, former professor at Union College. Door prizes and gifts for new members will be awarded at the end of the meeting. Contact Dora Farmer at 606-546-3940 for more information. -::~:~::~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~::~:~::- Please do not edit this section of the description. This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join: -::~:~::~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~::~:~::-