Cover-19 Update Jackson County Sun


  In collaboration with the Jackson County Public Library, CVDHD reports that a librarian in McKee has tested positive for COVID-19.  The librarian, who is monitoring symptoms and isolating at home, worked during the Drive-Thru Live Storybook event held on Friday, September 4th from 4:30 – 6:30 PM. 


The Live Storybook event was held outside, and all workers wore masks and gloves during the event.  This means that the risk of exposure is very low for families who participated.  However, both the public library and the health department want to make the public aware of the positive case.  Anyone who participated in the Live Storybook event should monitor for symptoms, but quarantine is not required.


Complete case totals by county are updated daily on the Cumberland Valley District Health Department website:  For additional local information, call  Clay County Health Department at 598-2425, Jackson County Health Department at 287-8421, or Rockcastle County Health Department at 256-2242.   

For afterhours emergencies, call 598-5564 to reach our 24/7 on-call.

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