Warned that by the time this story runs, we’re likely to have even more cases
Covid-19 numbers in county, which have been the envy of neighboring counties, continue to sky-rocket. Exactly the source of the heightened cases is deemed to be travel-related as best as can be presently determined.
According to the Health Department in Breathitt County, we have 19-active cases, with 54 confirmed cases since the pandemic’s inception, as of 11 a.m., Tuesday, August 25, 2020. We have been forewarned the numbers are likely to be even higher by the time you read this newspaper.
There have been rampant rumors circulating about the cause of the increase. Everything from youth sports to in-county residents traveling to highly infected areas have taken turns garnering the figurative pointed finger over the previous few weeks. 
We inquired of the Health Department what appears to be the spreader event or events? According to William Sizemore, with the Health Department, “From what I can tell, travel has brought most of it to our area."
We remind everyone to be diligent in complying with Health Department recommendations like wearing personal protective equipment and maintaining a safe social distance from neighbors. Stay in, when able, wash your hands and disinfect work areas whenever practical. Finally, let’s put off the out-of-town trips, particularly to highly-infected areas, until this pandemic is more manageable. 
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