August 10, 2020--Breathitt wakes up to an alarming increase in 'active cases'

In what amounts to really, really bad news, the amount of active cases of Covid-19, which had been consistently reported as “1” has now swelled to 10-cases, a number confirmed for the newspaper by William Sizemore with the Breathitt County Health Department. We asked Mr. Sizemore whether the source of the outbreak had been "contact-traced" to any particular event or source and he denied having that information. 

We were able to interview someone, in county, who has ties to the health care field but didn’t want to go on the record. He told The Times-Voice the swell of “active cases” may be attributed to the recent testing which had been provided at the high school. 

“People around here just won’t go to the doctor. They won’t go to the doctor even when they are ill and, often, even violently ill. It is just ‘mountain folk.’ They’re funny about doctors.” 

This would certainly imply there may be cases, in-county, which we just won’t know about until a "spike" gets contact-traced back to their doors. The Times-Voice would point out there is a natural period of dormancy between an event and its impacting Covid-19 numbers. It has been described to us as a two-week window. 

This is a developing story which is slated to be in our printed newspaper this week. It will hit newsstands this Wednesday evening and, should we learn anything new, that story will contain the updated information. 

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