Vows to start collecting and testing blood samples for ‘antibodies’ should that be determined necessary?


As had been reported, the Breathitt County Health Department is now testing citizens for Covid-19. This effort is being coordinated to help with virus containment in and around our county. 

If you have pulled by the Breathitt County High School’s parking lot on a Monday or Tuesday morning, beginning at 8 a.m., chances are you have witnesses this for yourself. Parties can’t just pull-in. Parties have to call and schedule a time to "pull through and be swabbed” through the Health Department.

We got the opportunity to talk with Mr. Bill Sizemore about the testing presently ongoing. Mr. Sizemore works at the Health Department as its Preparedness Planner and Environmentalist. He said cut-backs have necessitated his wearing the "two-hats."

Mr. Sizemore told the Times-Voice the Health Department looked at the situation in the county and what was immediately needed. According to Mr. Sizemore, “We knew doctor’s offices were swabbing and testing blood for antibodies. Some people were falling through the cracks and testing, by any method, wasn’t readily available for everyone. We decided to offer ‘swabbing’ and testing of the collections as a free service to fill that gap.”

We asked Mr. Sizemore specifically about the antibody test which is cultivated from blood specimen. He told the Times-Voice the Health Department is going to start out swabbing. It is quick and easier to provide. However, he also told us, “We are going to see how it goes. If there is a demand for the antibody test, we will look into its provision.” 

We asked him specifically for Breathitt’s numbers. He told us the county has found 13-cases since the inception of the national state of emergency. He told us there were only three (3) cases presently “active.” While that indicates containment efforts have been successful to date, at least locally, he warned, “As you have seen, this virus can change rapidly.” 

The figures provided, via this article, have been confirmed by the Health Department’s regional Epidemiologist. We are reminded to keep vigilant in wearing masks out in public and continue to socially distance from each other when the same is feasible.  

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