Health Department report on in-county Covid-19 cases reason for hope going forward!
Gaining a foothold is loosely defined as obtaining a position of power or influence necessary to get what that person wants. What this county wants is zero active cases. Since last week’s report we have taken a major step in the right direction. 
In last week’s article, entitled “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back…” it was reported the county had 81-confirmed cases of Covid-19 with 21 of those cases being “active.” William Sizemore related to the Times-Voice in that article the belief, “the numbers will be even greater by the time your newspaper hits newsstands.”
We circled back around to Mr. Sizemore for this week’s report. Owing to the substance of our earlier conversation we were, understandably, flinching as he sent us the new, weekly numbers. 
Mr. Sizemore had urged us to remain vigilant in the fight against the virus. He had asked us to continue to practice distancing mandates and use personal protection equipment. This week’s numbers appear to buttress that we heeded his call to action.
According to William Sizemore with the Breathitt County Health Department, the county has 83-cases, which is two higher than last week’s report. However, the number of those cases being “active” has been reduced to 7. 
In the course of a week, our active cases have decreased from 21 down to 7. That is fine news in deed.
Mr. Sizemore told the Times-Voice, “I hope we can maintain this decline in our active cases.” We, at the Times-Voice, join in this hope.
We continue to urge citizens to remain ever-vigilant in this fight, particularly where it appears we are making tangible progress. We can regain control over the spread of the virus, particularly in county, if we deny ourselves things which tend to put us in harm’s way. 
Continue to maintain a safe, six-foot, social distance, wear your PPE’s, and avoid attending events or traveling to states where the pandemic is being much less managed than here locally. If we stick together and do the work, there will be an end to this someday.
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