One Step Forward, Two Steps Back…
Every time we feel we have progressed it seems our new numbers crash us back to reality
We have covered the coronavirus and the resulting disease it inflicts, Covid-19, since the situation gained the dubious distinction of being termed a world-wide pandemic. We have been teasingly close to zero active cases on a couple of occasions only to have some semi-super-spreader event or travel opportunity bring us crashingly back to the reality of where this illness has left all of us.
Once again we have been taken around the maypole by Covid-19. We seemed, last week, to be inching toward zero active cases. That is no longer the case as we have definitively swerved in the opposite direction. 
According to William Sizemore with the Breathitt County Health Department, we have 81 confirmed cases in Breathitt County now, a considerable increase over last week’s report, with 21 of those cases deemed “active.” Sizemore told the Times-Voice “We believe this number will be even greater by the time your newspaper hits newsstands.”
Mr Sizemore also said, “Thanks for your attention to this on-going crisis. It helps to keep the community aware and more responsive to the use of PPE’s and following Health Department recommendations regarding things like group gatherings and the maintenance of social distancing.”
The Times-Voice would urge citizens to remain ever-vigilant in this fight. We can regain control over the spread of this virus, particularly in county, but to do so we have to learn to deny ourselves things which tend to put us in harms’ way or simply to decide to undertake certain other actions we may find intrusive and inconvenient but still important to the health of ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.
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