What does the “Man or Woman one the street” in Breathitt really think?
The Times-Voice has been paying attention to the social media postings of our friends and neighbors in and around Breathitt County. We decided we would conduct a poll of some well known people from Jackson, Kentucky and determine just what they think about the present Covid-19 pandemic. 
We asked the following…
What are your thoughts on about Covid-19?
Do you think it is real?
Do you believe it is being exaggerated?
Will you go on the record with your thoughts on the topic?
The ones willing to go on the record, you will see their names attached to their opinions. If the person asked was a minor, we got permission from that person’s parent. The ones who wished to remain nameless we elected to not include this week, though in future weeks we will respect the person’s desire to remain anonymous. 
Here is what some of us think…
Bryce Hoskins, age 16, sophomore, Breathitt County High School…
"I feel Covid-19 has taken the world by storm and we should all believe it is no joking matter. In my thoughts, numbers have appeared altered." 
"Numbers of people have gone through it and it doesn’t seem, to me, to make sense. When the news says we have 9,000 still suffering from Covid, and it has been 9,000 for the longest time, you have to either die or recover from it."
"The country in which it started has almost completely recovered with minor shut-downs. We’re one of the most medically advanced countries in the world. I believe there is almost no explanation why we don’t have a vaccine ready for people other than the Government.”
Glen Gross, former Bobcat coach and playing legend who coaches football from the youth level all the way up to high school…
"I think it is real. However, I also think it gets exaggerated by politics and the media.”
Dan Spicer, proprietor of the Fitness Factory…
"It’s real. I don’t think we’ll ever know the true numbers of deaths from COVID-19 because hospitals are monetarily encouraged to mark deaths as COVD-19 related. I think it should be up to the businesses whether to be open or closed just like it is the patron’s choice whether to patronize that business." 
"I respect those who don’t agree. I request the same level of respect to be afforded me.” 
Ron Hamblin, Owner/Editor of Sports View America...
“I have mixed feeling about the virus, especially in rural areas. So far, from what I have seen, the ones who are at risk are those with underlying health issues or the elderly." 
“I think the numbers are highly exaggerated. Kentucky, like most democratically run states, is using Covid-19 as a cause of death even for deaths not cause by Covid-19." 
"I’ve been to Myrtle Beach and Jacksonville, Florida recently. They are practicing social distancing and cleaning everything. No issues at all. Yet the media makes it out to be far worse than it is."
"Look at the states with the worst cases of Covid-19. They are all democratically run and all have exercised extreme measures to shut down their states."
"I believe the virus is dangerous to the elderly. I don’t believe rural counties with very few cases or problems should be shut down because of big Kentucky cities."
“Cities like Louisville, Lexington, and so forth, with dense populations, are causing cities like Jackson to be needlessly punished. I simply don’t believe it is as bad as the government wants us to think.”
There are four opinions from four local citizens willing to “go on the record” with what they think. We are not advocating or endorsing any of these or anyone else’s opinions, for that matter. It was incredibly brave for these four people to be willing to stick their necks out and provide an opinion they knew would be published in the local newspaper of record.  
The fact we published these opinions shouldn’t be viewed as this newspaper’s agreement with any, all, or even one of the above expressions. What is useful, sometimes, is to know where everyone’s head is. We wanted to know what some people either are or aren’t thinking about this topic. 
We just thought it would be informative to see what some of our fellow Breathitt countians thought about this topic. We will do this in the future in editions to come. 
Thanks for reading. Anyone wanting to weigh in on this or any topic, feel free to contact us at the Jackson Times-Voice by calling 666-2451. Who knows, we may just decide to memorialize your thoughts in print. 

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