Jackson, Kentucky: September 8, 2020

Health Department warns the numbers are expected to jump later today 

Every week at the Times-Voice we attempt to get the latest Covid-19 numbers for our readers. Mr. William Sizemore, who works at the Breathitt County Health Department, has been diligent in providing information to the newspaper. We really are appreciative of his efforts in that regard. 

Just last week, we reported 58-infections. In spite of infections rising, the number of active cases had decreased from 19 down to 12 in last week’s report. This week’s report seems to contain similar information.

This week’s report, another mix-bag of information, like last week has one of the numbers slightly higher than the week prior. However, for the second consecutive week, the number of active cases again decreased significantly.  

Infections have risen to 61 in Breathitt County. The number of active cases are down from 12 to 3.  

The Health Department cautions to hold off on the cheering for right now. According to Mr. Sizemore, “We expect those numbers to jump higher sometime later today.” 

We remind everyone to be diligent in complying with Health Department recommendations like wearing personal protective equipment and maintaining a safe social distance from neighbors. Stay in, when able, wash your hands and disinfect work areas whenever practical. Finally, let’s put off the out-of-town trips, particularly to highly-infected areas, until this pandemic is more manageable. 

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