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Governor Beshear Vows to Get ‘Tougher’ on Covid-19

Governor Beshear Vows to Get ‘Tougher’ on Covid-19

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Beshear committed to not letting Kentucky turn into another Florida or Texas!

Some of you aren’t going to like this one bit. However, Governor Beshear announced, in a recent press conference, he doesn’t intend to allow Kentucky’s Covid-19 infections to get “out of hand” like they have in many other states or commonwealths. 

Governor Beshear announced Kentucky is now approaching 30,000 positive cases as it steadily approaches 28,000 presently. Kentucky’s positivity rate is at 5.58%. 

Among the new deaths, Beshear said 7 new deaths have occurred just in Jefferson County including a 61-year old. Beshear also said 21-cases have been kids under 5-years old, striking at the contention the disease poses no risk of harm to children. The governor said the youngest to contract the disease was merely 11-days old.

Two new restrictions went into effect midnight Tuesday, July 28, 2020. These new restrictions are slated for a two-week shelf life.  

Under the new restrictions, bars in Kentucky will be closed for two weeks. Restaurants will limit its indoor seating to 25% of seating capacity. 

The governor also recommended schools not open until the 3rd week of August. Breathitt county schools are set to re-open the 24th of August, 2020. 

Stacy Roof, president and CEO of the Kentucky Restaurant Association told WHAS11 News that many restaurants are already in “survival mode.” She said, because of the pandemic, 15 to 20% of restaurants will not be around in a year’s time. 

Many of the restaurants have had to adjust to get some business including putting in Covid-19 safety measures, switching to pickup or delivery services or closing altogether. Ms. Roof said the Kentucky Restaurant Association encouraged the public to support restaurants the best way one can.  

One Breathitt area restaurant owner told the Times-Voice, “I am grateful and beyond blessed to have great customers and community support. However, the closing of our inside dining area has made continued operation extremely difficult.” 

The governor continued to stress wearing masks when out in public, socially distancing, and not traveling on vacation to areas eaten up with infection and contagion and then coming back home to infect your friends and loved ones. Beshear also stressed we would get through this together. 

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