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The idea of “Karma” is an ancient one, more ancient than you might realize. It appeared in the oldest Hindu text, The Rigveda, where it still appears today. It dates back before 1500 BC.
In popular culture, it has come to mean reaping what one sows. Basically, be careful what you do and say as those things can come back on you, or so the theory goes. 
This brings me to something which has recently happened to a local boy who hailed from Ashland, Kentucky. This guy served two years in the US Navy, immediately post high school,  and then embarked on a singing, acting career. 
This Kentuckian had a Top-40 hit with a guy named Elkin Fowler. Fowler later became Bob Dylan’s guitar player. The top-40 song Fowler and he recorded was titled, “Naturally Stoned,” interestingly enough.
This guy played in some movies and then become a game-show host of some renown. He was the original host of “Wheel of Fortune,” and also hosted “Love Connection,” “Scrabble,” “Greed,” and the Game Show Network’s, “Lingo.” 
He’s fairly well known, the country over, as Chuck Woolery. Just when we were starting to forget Chuck Woolery, he decided (perhaps unwisely) to re-inject himself into American culture via Twitter.
This wasn’t his first time Tweeting either. In 2017, Woolery tweeted some communications many thought antisemitic. He claimed that both Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were from Jewish heritages. Lenin’s maternal grandfather had been a Russian Jew before converting to Christianity and working as a physician. So, he wasn’t completely off-base but some took considerable offense to the publishing of it. 
In response to the criticism, Woolery Tweeted, “Amazing to me, I pointed out that Marx and Lenin were Jewish, fact of history, and now I’m being called antisemitic? Why do people do this?”
Recently, the old boy from Ashland, Kentucky decided to implant himself back into the national spotlight. This time with a Tweet which read as follow, “The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid-19. Everyone is lying.”
He didn’t stop there. “The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust. I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it.” 
Our President retweeted it. Woolery wasn’t done. 
Chuck also hosts a podcast he named, “Blunt Force Truth.” On his podcast he reiterated his belief that everyone from the CDC to the Democratic Party were lying about the novel coronavirus which caused Covid-19. 
Woolery, using Twitter again, said there was “scientific evidence” that schools should reopen this fall. President Trump retweeted this too. Both of the posts were shared tens of thousands of times. They each drew thousands of “comments.”
Woolery has a co-host on “Blunt Force Truth.” His name is Mark Young. 
Mr. Young tweeted an anti-Dr. Anthony Fauci tweet which said, “So based on Dr. Fauci and the Democrats, I will need an ID card to go shopping but not to vote?” Trump also retweeted this. 
Dr. Fauci is one of the nation’s leading authorities on infectious diseases. Mark Young is not even an expert on producing quality, legitimate podcast content. 
Now, if you will recall, we began by discussing “Karma.” The old Hindu version of “What goes around comes back around,” or something very similar. 
Not more than a few days past Woolery and his partner Mark Young going on and on about what a lie Covid-19 is, Chuck Woolery’s son gets diagnosed with having contracted…Covid-19. Mark Young, in an interview with CNN and purporting to be a Woolery spokesman, said, “Chuck’s son is fine and asymptomatic.” 
For his part, Woolery tweeted the following, “To further clarify and add perspective, COVID-19 is real and it is here. My son tested positive for the virus, and I feel for those suffering and especially for those who have lost loved ones.” 
The very next day, Woolery deleted his Twitter account. With his history on the forum, that was an exceedingly wise move on his part. I haven’t heard whether President Trump “retweeted” or “shared” this latest transmission but I am somewhat certain he didn’t. Doesn’t fit his agenda.
For those of you who think I am reveling in what happened to Chuck Woolery and his son, I am not. I am very sorry Chuck’s son contracted the coronavirus and I pray he remains asymptomatic. 
I wish, with everything I have, that this thing really was a hoax. I wish it wasn’t killing people. I wish it wasn’t preventing our children from attending school. I wish it wasn’t cancelling sports' seasons.
The problem is I am a pragmatist. Pragmatically, the coronavirus I wish was not real, is a fact. Pragmatically, the Covid-19 disease, which now infects 10% of our entire national population and has killed around 140,000 Americans, is real. 
The former game show host who hosts a podcast called, “Blunt Force Truth,” has just been subjected to some. It has hit him right in the nuclear family with a blunt force I am sure took away his breath. 
He looks like a complete fool. He has had to abandon one of the world’s largest social media platforms because of it. 
How about this! Instead of spawning and spreading conspiracy theories which only serve our political interests (and certainly not our health), let’s just admit the phenomenon is real and let's do what the experts tell us to do in the hopes the people, with letters following their names, are actually good in the areas for which they have received the training.   
I have no idea whether following the advice of science will get us home. However, I have seen, first-hand, sycophanting the President isn’t doing anything other than getting the country swallowed whole by a virus seemingly everyone but we has thoroughly whipped. 
Maybe we should try to really make America great again. You know, like the “good-old days” before we led the entire globe in infectious disease and disease-related mortality. 
You can take this for what you find it worth but THAT’S THE LONG VERSION!
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