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To the Dodger fan from last night...

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To the Dodger fan from last night...

...about the soul of an institution

Proud of my Cardinals

The 'Birds will be back...

My name is William Long and I am a ’21 graduate of Breathitt High. I play football for the Centre Colonels. 

I am a proud member of Centre’s ’25 graduating class. I am a sometime contributor to the Times-Voice, formerly publishing under my own byline.

I had to watch last night's Wild Card game with an insufferable Dodge fan. I don't know how I survived it. 

Last night’s Wild Card loss to the Dodgers moved me. It inspired me to write this article for the reasons I believe I have below set forth. 

A wide range of emotions struck me as the Dodgers walked it off in dramatic fashion, sending my Cardinals home on the losing end of a 3-1 score. One of them was anger. 

This was the first Cardinal team I was privileged to “really” follow since the beginning of the season, in a long time. I was invested in this team. 

My anger was partially due to having watched the game, somehow, with an in-your-face-type Dodger zealot and fellow Centre College student. 

There were several times I wanted to choke this person, mid-antic, but I refrained. We are the Cardinals, and because we are the Cardinals, my anger morphed into pride. 

I have a certain amount of tolerance for the Cardinals that I don’t have for other teams I follow. The Cardinals have already given me, as a sports fan, something that will never be replaced, and something that no loss in a Wild Card game will ever diminish. 

At the age of nine (9) years old, when baseball mattered most, I watched my heroes and men who were giants to me, standing a figurative 10-feet tall, clutching a World Series championship trophy in St. Louis.

These men were World Champions. What a glorious thing to be...World Champions!

Albert Pujols, Chris Carpenter, Yadier Molina, David Freese, Lance Berkman, Matt Holliday, Adam Wainwright, Carlos Beltran, Jason Motte… indelibly imprinted each of their visages onto the eternal fabric of my memories as fully as if permanently imprinted on the inside of my eye-lids.   

The funny thing about Cardinal baseball is the 2011 team is just as much “my team” as its 2021 version. They still will be even when the Cardinals replicate the feat for my son when he is nine (9).

The Dodgers and their Centre College super fan aside, the Cardinals will once again scale to the mountain's peak as assuredly as they have risen to the top of the mountain in years past. The Cardinals will be back next year, on that you may certainly count. 

As for the Dodgers. Well, who really cares?

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