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Jackson County Attorney Ross Murray and Sheriff Paul Hays have issued an "alert" regarding counterfeit $100 dollar bills circulating in the community.

Jackson County Attorney Ross Murray shared a picture of a counterfeit 100 dollar bill that was passed yesterday at a local business. “It seems that we are getting more and more complaints from local businesses concerning counterfeit bills. If you look carefully at the bill, you’ll notice that the picture and the writing are blurry, that the blue band down the front is dull and there is no sheen, and there is Chinese writing on the back which translates to “prop money”. All of the counterfeit $100 bills I’ve seen recently have these characters on them and have the same serial numbers (LB45440078 L) on them. Everyone should be on the lookout for this counterfeit money. If you receive any counterfeit bills, please report it to law enforcement immediately and give the officer the counterfeit bill.”

Sheriff Hays added, “Others do not possess the proper anti-counterfeiting measures which are imprinted on legal bills. Some of these measures are as follows:

1. Type of note paper, 2. Portrait, 3. Micro-printing, 4. Fine-line printing patterns, 5. Serial number, 6. Check letter and quadrant number, 7. Federal reserve seal, 8. Inscribed security thread, 9. Federal reserve letter/number,. 10. Series, 11. Treasury seal, 12. Check letter and face plate number, and 13. Back plate number. Holograms, watermarks, etc. simply make it more difficult to create fake documents that can easily fool people who are not alert.

If possible always get a photo and identify the person who attempts to pass a fake bill and immediately contact the police. Be alert!

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