Barefoot Memories of a Hillbilly

When Snow Was Fun

The two lumps of coal pressed into the snow showed little humor, unlike the six quarter sized pieces of coal fashioned in a semi-circle mouth. We’d been hard at work creating our life size snowman for some time. We rolled the snowballs across the yard until it became too difficult to push, then someone else would join in to help roll it into place. The second slightly smaller orb was stacked on top of the first, and then finally, the third was placed to represent the head. We’d gathered some scraps of coal to add features to the head. Mom doesn’t allow us to use carrots for the nose, cause that would be a waste, and we try not to waste in this house, but we did find a piece of a broken that will work as a colorful substitute.

Mom suggested we roll snow balls out the path toward the barn. Not only does this give us a larger playing field to do our fort building and snow angels, but Mom said if we rolled the snowballs big and then off to the side it will clear the path towards the barn and outhouse as we go. That would make it better for Pap to get to the barn to feed and check the Bossies, but give everyone a better trail to follow to the outdoor library where old catalogs are stored (outhouse.) the snow sure did surprise us today. Mom had mentioned the halo around the moon night before last as an indicator that there was snow on the was, but we didn’t know that the moon knew such stuff. I guess when you live as high in the sky as the moon, you see lots of things going on below.

Hearing Mom holler out the back door to come eat our dinner, we all put our current creative efforts to the side to work on later. At the back door was a broom for sweeping the snow from our shoes and pant legs before going in. Mom doesn’t like us tracking snow in, it melts and makes the floor wet. There on the table was a pot of soup, with curls of steam rising above it. Fresh crusty cornbread was inverted onto a plate beside it, and sitting on the back of the stove was a cake pan with a chocolate cake. We had gathered some clean fresh snow for snow cream earlier and it looks like we’re going to have some cake to go with it; just like cake and ice cream, but better. Guess I’ll talk to you all later, cause I gotta hang up my outdoor riggings near the stove to dry, and of course there’s that delicious dinner on the table to deal with.

I wear shoes now, but sometimes I have barefoot memories.

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