Barefoot Memories of a Hillbilly

Hit the Floor

Like all Sunday mornings, Mom is in the kitchen stirring up some breakfast and singing and humming. Pap is in the living room, tying up his shoes, soon he'll head out to the back porch to look at the morning sky and make a guess at what he thinks the weather will be today. The soft mumbling of their voices blend to one tone. They had mentioned last night that they might go to visit a different church this morning where some family had invited them. They do enjoy sharing fellowship in different churches, and have always shown us that each church doesn't have a different God, but one God is the God of all churches, and only the rules/bylaws of the church makes the church different.

There's still a bit of time before we "have" to get up, but there is a catbird fussing in the limbs of the cherry tree at the back side of the house, and just for good measure, there's a mockingbird somewhere out there pretending to be an entire variety of birds. Mom and Pap have moved to sit together in the living room, Mom sipping her coffee listening to music on the television and Pap marking on a page of newsprint. They figure up what time they will need to leave for church over at Pine Flat. It's not that far away, so they can put us on the Sunday school bus and still get there in plenty of time. Mom hollers for everyone to "hit the floor" and the quiet of the morning is replaced by loud children, chairs scraping the floor at the breakfast table, spoons clinking the bottom of cereal bowls and Mom singing a song she heard yesterday on the Bonnie Lou and Buster show.

It was rainy yesterday, so Mom was able to watch Bonnie Lou and Buster instead of working outside. She does love shows that allow her to sing the songs familiar to her heart and mind. I guess you could say Bonnie Lou and Buster sing hillbilly music, it's not clear country music or bluegrass, but the music of people from the hills of Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina. They have special guest like Homer Harris the 7-foot cowboy and Dolly Paron, as well as other people from the hills, and even a comedian called Humphammer. When the show comes on they sing about Jim Walters homes, those are houses that come from a kit like model airplanes.

Often on Sunday's Mom will sing songs she has heard on the Saturday and Sunday Tennessee music programs. Anyway, we've got to hurry and get ready for Sunday school and catching the bus, and Mom and Pap need to get ready for church at Pine Flat, so guess I'll hush for now. Remember, the same God is in all churches today, it's only the people, places and bylaws that are different.

I wear shoes now, but sometimes I have barefoot memories.

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