Barefoot Memories of a Hillbilly


October is one of those months with multiple personalities. You never know day to day how the winds will blow, the precipitation will fall or the temperature will land. So you may find yourself in the midst of a Septemberish kind of day or a Novemberish tinged time. Much like a person who is unable to make up their mind, October can’t decide what mood it’s gonna be in either. Apparently it’s always been like that. But the begats spent quite a bit of time studying and trying to decipher what these schizophrenic weather changes might mean.

To begin with, the moons of October are so large and mysterious, it just makes you want to creep about in the shadows or cut loose a howl guaranteed to call up all kinds of haints and goblins. But those big moons only seem bigger, and just appears that way because it’s approaching the horizon at a an angle that’s tricking our eyes. To further confuse and mystify, there will be a few nights with meteor showers this month. Something that we up here on our dark hillside can easily see, and enjoy those bits of light streaks flying across the sky.

The old folks say if October is especially rainy to expect December to be windy. But a warmer than common October means February will be abnormally cold. Some kin folk that hunts a bit told me if deer are wearing a gray coat in October it’s a sign that it’s going to be a hard winter. As I understand, deer (and other wild animals) develop their coats based upon weather triggers. So if summer comes to an abrupt halt, they shed their summer coats quickly for a heavier winter coat. Most of us are familiar with “Indian Summer” which is a faux summery time that comes about in mid November to give us a rest before throwing a winter chill at us. But, October too has a mid-month weather calm called St Luke’s summer. St Luke was the disciple best known to us as Luke the Doctor. Luke is the saint that represents medical personnel, and his day of celebration is in mid October at the same time as the brief calming of weather. So the old folk started calling it Luke’s Summer.

Trying to keep track of the flow of weather for October is like trying to figure out the compulsion of a teenager. You might think you got a grasp on it, and off it goes in another direction. So, you might want to start dressing in layers and carry sun screen and umbrellas. You never know which October will show up today.

I wear shoes now, but sometimes I have barefoot memories.

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