KY Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities are vulnerable to virus transmission due to large groups of people being held inside in close proximity  

On December 02, 2020 Secretary of the Executive Cabinet, J. Michael Brown, updated Kentuckians on COVID-19 in the commonwealth’s 14 correctional facilities. Since the outset of the pandemic, there have been 2,706 inmate COVID-19 cases (310 are still active) and 425 corrections staff cases (82 are still active).

We have lost 19 inmates due to complications from COVID-19 – including two deaths reported today; and two staff members,” said Secretary Brown. “The second outbreak that is underway at the Kentucky State Reformatory has hit the area we dreaded most, the prison’s Nursing Care Facility, which was not touched during the first outbreak at the prison this summer.

“On the positive side, our active cases among inmates have actually dropped, meaning that the testing and rapid detection of the virus in the population is enabling us to protect more people.”

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