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Jackson County Sheriff Paul Hays 

    Until one is faced with the desperation attached to children with drug abuse issues, it is difficult to understand the pain and suffering the parents and siblings endure.  The person addicted lives in a fog with nothing but himself to care for.  They bleed every penny, remove hope and joy and replace it with despair.  We live in a world full of drugs and alcohol and it is not the legitimate use, but the abuse that takes its toll on all of us.  There is a better way but if one is to change they must be willing to try.  If it was easy, anyone could do it, but it is very hard to go through the pain of recovery.  If they are willing, however, the fog of abuse can be replaced with clear thoughts and met responsibility.  Remember the families of drug addicts and pray for healing for those who suffer addiction.  

   We continue to receive calls regarding vehicle transfers gone wrong.  Never let anyone have a vehicle until the paperwork is complete at the County Clerk's Office.  

   Wear your seat belts.  Accidents happen, but you have a much greater chance of survival if all the occupants in a vehicle are wearing safety belts. 

   Put big, reflective numbers for your address in a prominent location near your drive.  It helps police find you in an emergency. 

   Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to eighty calls for service.  We investigated three traffic accidents, opened five criminal cases and arrested three individuals.  We constantly look for drug traffickers and we prosecute anyone who is in possession of illegal drugs.  Please support us with your thoughts and prayers as we work every day to make Jackson County a better place to live.   

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