Sheriff Paul Hays and wife Delena

I suppose everyone looks up to someone else and considers them a hero.  They were a great soldier, a tremendously gifted doctor, an inspiring teacher or a tremendous singer.  Those are all good candidates for a hero, but my candidate is a little different.  My wife, Delena, is my hero.   She has spent the past years taking great care of her mother, who will be 99 years old soon.  Virgie Lakes has lived with us for many years.  She has been an absolute joy to our family and certainly not a burden for any of us.  Still, Delena quietly works day and night to care for her wonderful mother, overcoming every obstacle with courage and amazing strength to make her last years good.  She finds time for her children, grandchildren and me, even if she is exhausted.  I can't imagine life without Delena and I thank God for the life of Virgie Lakes, the matriarch of the Jack Lakes family.  We are so blessed to share our lives with her.

When it rains, it pours!  That was the case recently as many roads flooded, vehicles were washed away by wild rivers of water, and buildings and homes were damaged.  As far as I know, however, no one died as a result of the flood in Jackson County.  We don't have major rivers in our county, so we were spared a lion share of the damage in comparison to Clay, Owsley, Lee and Estill County.  I pray for all who were damaged by the storm and thank God for all the emergency services personnel who worked tirelessly to keep our citizens safe.  Thank you.

Domestic Violence is a constant problem in our county.  Nearly every day someone calls to report a family member causing fear of serious injury to another family member.  Far too many children are exposed to violence that scars their lives, affects their sleep and in many cases results in the children growing up to abuse their families as they were abused themselves.  We need to break this cycle of violence before more people are destroyed.  There are opportunities for treatment and counseling for people why lill seek help.  Call me at 606-287-7121 if we can assist you in finding the help you need.  

Last week the Jackson Co. The Sheriff's Office responded to forty-seven calls for service.  We opened four criminal cases, investigated two traffic accidents and arrested four individuals on various criminal charges.  We served volumes of civil and criminal papers and waited on the courts.  We really appreciate the prayers for safety for our officers and support for all of us as we work hard to meet the needs of the public.  Thank you.  

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