Family Child Care Provider Grant

Application must be completed in partnership between the Provider and the Family Child Care Network Agency

The Division of Child Care (DCC) has available a limited number of one-time grants, up to $5,000, that will assist in paying for fees and purchasing of items needed to establish and open a regulated Family Child Care Home. These funds will assist new providers to care for children in a regulated environment ensuring that children are in a safe and secure program. To be considered for a grant, the following application must be completed, signed, and submitted to Jessica Cain at , the deadline to receive applications is December 31, 2022.

The Division of Child Care has seen a decline in childcare services across Kentucky within the past several years. With this decline in services, families are left without options of care, forced to quit their jobs, or utilize services that could be detrimental to the wellbeing and safety of their children.

The Division of Child Care is committed to changing the early education environment for our most vulnerable population encouraging safe, healthy, and quality atmospheres that accelerate learning at a young age. The Division of Child Care will utilize The American Rescue Act funds to increase quality childcare services by providing one-time start-up grants to those that are starting new family childcare homes across Kentucky.

DCC is looking to increase the capacity for childcare services across the state that support all needs of families from small classroom sizes to nontraditional hours. We understand and know that not all parents work traditional hours. This will assist in ensuring there are high-quality childcare options in Kentucky while assisting the providers financially to start a new program.

The goal of the Family Child Care Start Up Grant is to provide enough financial stability to get childcare facilities established. This financial support would allow for providers to focus on high-quality services and initiate a functional childcare structure in their community.

Building the childcare structure within communities that are lacking regulated, high-quality services will assist parents in choosing programs that are best suited for their children and their families. This will assist in strong support systems for our youngest citizens and build high-quality structures for children to come to across Kentucky.



Name of Provider: ______________________________________

Address of Provider: ____________________________________________________________________

County of Provider: ______________________________________

Phone Number of Provider: ________________________________

Email Address of Provider: _________________________________

What type of center are you looking to open: Certified or Licensed Type II?  _________________________________

Name of CCR&R Partner: ______________________________________________________________


Provider must: (Your CCR&R partner can help with these, as needed)

Please check each as completed:

ð      Meet with the Family Child Care Regional Network Liaison to learn about becoming a Certified Provider and how to navigate the system.

Date Met: ______________ Int. of CCR&R: ________

ð      Have high school diploma or equivalent.

ð      Have background and criminal records check.

ð      Check zoning requirements for home/apartment location to ensure that a Family Child Care business can be operated in the provider’s home location.

ð      Permission Letter from Landlord stating the business is permitted in the home.

ð      Zoning fee is __________________________.

1. Provider agrees that this payment will be a grant and they are not entitled to any additional sums.

2. Provider must be a new provider or have opened no earlier than November 2021 and have not received any other start up grant funding from the Division of Child Care.

3. Provider agrees that it may use the Family Child Care Grant for any of the following to support the care of children in his/her home:

• Insurance premiums;

• Zoning fees;

• Safety features for the home;

• Fencing; and

• Consumable materials for the childcare program including food, PPE, and cleaning materials.

4. Provider agrees that this funding will be used for the childcare provider’s home and not the home of the child(ren) in care.

5. The Provider agrees to become a regulated Family Child Care Home within 5 months of receiving the grant funds, be open at minimum of twelve (12) months, and care for children. If for some reason you are not able to perform these duties, then all funds will be paid back to the Division of Child Care.

6. Child Care Provider agrees to attend the Strengthening Business Practices trainings that are held through out the state to better support their small business and be a part of the communities of practice with their local FCC Network.

7. Provider agrees to commitment to a Division of Child Care survey/interview/focus group nine to twelve months following receipt of grant.

8. Providers agree to submit a budget including how they will pay themselves with the application to obtain funding.

9. Providers agree to accept Child Care Assistance Families and agree to increase their All-Stars to a level three within two years.

10. Provider agrees that all information will be reviewed by their local FCC Network specialist to receive funds.

By signing this document you agree that all information on the application is correct to the best of your ability and you understand that funds are issued through the Division of Child Care. If any parts of the agreement are not withheld then funds will be due back to the Division of Child Care.

Signed: Provider____________________________________________________________

CCR&R Signature______________________________________________________________

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