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Judge Gabbard shares his report with the members of the fiscal court and general public

The Jackson County Fiscal Court held its regular monthly meeting on Monday, May 13th, 2019. The court executed the 2nd reading of the proposed budget for FY 2019-2020 after the budget was returned from Frankfort. The proposed budget was sent to Frankfort after the first reading and the recommended changes made by the state included adjustments to a couple of items and modifications to the way some items were coded. Proposed budget revenues for the upcoming year add up to a total of $6,837,479.00. This total is broken down into the following components: Total General Fund = $2,708,261.00, Total Road Fund = $1,675,544.00, Total Jail Fund = $1,870,220.00, Total Local Government Economic Assistance Fund = $84,415.00, Special Grant Account = $31,000, Disaster Emergency Services Fund = $156,000.00, Forest Fire Protection Fund = $2,527.00, Transfer Station = $309,512.00, Total 911 CMRS = $140,000. Judge Gabbard reported to the court that the past Fiscal Year has been tough and the next one he expects to be even tougher. He wanted to prepare everyone for inevitable upcoming spending cuts in the 19-20 Fiscal Year. “I don’t anticipate any revenue increases so we have to practice smart checks and balancing efforts. Times are tough so we have to be responsible with every dime we spend,” Judge Gabbard reported.

For the rest of the story please see the May 15th, 2019 issue of the Jackson County Sun!!

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