John Davis


Part 2

While the wide swath paint brush was applied last week to give a general overview of what we as free men should be seeking to accomplish this week we’ll focus on a few details. 

 We are sadly past the point of maintaining freedom in many areas and seeking to regain turf. As with any issue in life we should clearly identify the cause of the problem as the initial step. Most would agree that if we were to take pencil to paper listing things that control our daily lives government would be at the core of many of our list. From taxes to the annoying warning labels on everything you touch it is all connected to government. While government is indeed needed and a strong one at that we have forgotten a few principle rules along the way. Government itself isn’t a magical governing body created from stardust. It is a group of people we have elected in various positions to form a central body of intelligent leaders to make collective choices on national security, laws and foreign policy. They are not God’s. They are not lifetime appointees. They are not above us. 

 It is of the utmost importance for us common folk to start retaking freedoms.

We have allowed a bloated government that is out of control with power lust to dip a finger into almost every aspect of daily life. I would challenge each of you to take a serious look at each hour of your daily life and take detailed notes for 36 hours about each activity you find yourself in noting if the government at any level plays a role in it. You’ll be shocked and hopefully appalled. 

From the time your feet hit the floor everything you touch has been taxed multiple times. The water you splash on your face is regulated and taxed. The clothes you slip on fall to the same fate. The automobile you drive requires you to pay yearly taxes and registration to essentially rent what you already paid for. The list could go on Ray Charles could see the picture clearly at this point. 

We are beholden to leaders that protect themselves and their families with any firearms they deem necessary while regulate yours to the point of deciding if you can even protect yourself. 

 They tax us into oblivion while shipping pallets of cash overseas for the study of high flow toilets. 

They chide us for driving a SUV to haul our family while they cruise the Caribbean on a yacht partying with Hollywood elite.  

Part 3 coming next week. Tune in for more cheerful good times.

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