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The 2019-2020 JCHS Generals and Lady Generals Cheerleaders are ready for an exciting season of basketball!

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2019-2020 Lady Generals Seniors: Elizabeth Tyra, Taya Davis, and Hannah Creech

Coach Greg Parrett and Coach Kourtney Tyra introduced the 2019-2020 Generals and Lady Generals to the community last Friday night. During the program the Coaches not only showcased their present teams but also highlighted the past by inviting past JCHS Generals and Lady Generals (Matt Walker, Chase Gilbert, Candrea Bingham and Stisha Shannon to particpate in challenges that showcased their shooting abilities. The coaches looked to the future by inviting elementary students from across the county to participate in basketball skill challenges. Josie Potter and Braxton Coyke were the winners of their respective challenges.

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