Denver Gibson

Denver Gibson, 31, of Annville, KY pled guilty to a charge of sexual abuse, 1st degree (victim under 12 yrs)

According to court documents Denver Dean Gibson, 31, of Annville, KY appeared in open court on February 19, 2019 and entered a plea of guilty to charges of sexual abuse, 1st degree. The charge stems from an Grand Jury indictment (18-CR-9) filed on April 03, 2018 alleging that on or about 2014-2015 in Jackson County, Kentucky Gibson committed the offense of Sexual Abuse, 1st degree by subjecting a person less than 12 years of age, by forcible compulsion when he touched the child on her genitals and engaged in digital penetration while on the couch, and being one of numerous occasions. Gibson was initially arrested on April 12, 2018 and was subsequently released on a $100,000 bond (10% cash) on May 01st, 2018.

Gibson appeared in open court again on July 02, 2019. The court informed Gibson of the factual contents and conclusions contained in the written Presentence Investigation Report and Gibson agreed with the factual contents. Gibson was sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum term of 1 year for the offense. A judgment and sentence on plea of guilty was filed with the court clerk’s office on July 03, 2019. Gibson is in custody at the Jackson County Detention Center serving his term.

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Tiffany Holt Weaver, 27, of McKee, KY pled guilty to an amended charge of wanton endangerment, 2nd degree

The Grand Jury Indictment (18-CR-9) also implicated Tiffany Holt Weaver, 27, of McKee, KY with a charge of Criminal Complicity to Commit Sexual Abuse, 1st degree. The indictment alleges that Weaver “agreed, aided, counseled, or attempted to aid Denver Dean Gibson in committing the offense of Sexual Abuse, 1st degree, when she was made aware of and disregarded a claim of sexual abuse by the victim and thereby allowed Gibson to commit the offense. Weaver was arrested on April 05th, 2018 and subsequently released on bond on April 12, 2018. According to correspondence with the Circuit/District Court Clerk’s office, Weaver pled guilty to an amended charge of “Wanton Endangerment-2nd Degree”. She was sentenced to 9 months incarceration, but Conditionally Discharged to 24 months supervised probation. She was sentenced on 5/8/19.”

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