John Davis

No matter your belief on Covid-19 the ensuing madness that followed caught many Americans with their pants down. 

The loss of jobs, stores, food shortages and sheer panic caused a level of stress new to many of us. People needlessly cleaned out supplies of toilet paper that would supply a boarding school for months. They ordered cold war era gas mask and charcoal hazardous materials suits. Some re-watched the entirety of “The Walking Dead” in preparation for the Zombie apocalypse. 

 The level of change in your daily routine should speak in many ways to your preparedness for a life changing catastrophic event. 

 Many folks saw relatively small lifestyle changes with minor inconveniences. We should largely pattern ourselves after those people because they were onto something long before the world lost it’s mind. Those completely dependent on others and a outside system took the hardest hit. 

 The madness has caused a spike of gardening, long term food prepping, gun sales and survival gear in general. (So pretty much the way our grandparents operated on the daily) All kidding aside it would serve us well to take this time to measure ourselves on a growth chart. How far have we come? Lessons learned? Changes in plans?

 While we on the whole suffer from short term activism without long term results there should be a marked improvement in our preparedness when the next big event strikes.

 A supply of bottled water.

 Non perishable food.

 A serious medical trauma kit. (Not band-aids and peroxide solely)

 Means of defense to protect the above.

 Means of offense to retrieve more of the above if necessary. 

 A serious survival plan that cuts through the fluff if implemented.

 The supply list is endless depending on ones desire to go down that rabbit hole but overall preparedness to live completely self sustained for extended periods of time should be the goal.

 Make no mistake that catastrophic events will come to us. The cause may be from governments seeking control, natural disaster, battles or the unknown. Out of all these equations the factor we have the most control over is ourselves. We can’t predict the future but we can prepare for most likely scenarios. 

 There is something very enlightening to get to a point where every ripple in the pond doesn’t rock your boat. Independence is liberating and creates fear in the hearts of those that need it. 

You and you alone are responsible for your growth. Mark the spot on the door jam where you tallied up to when this fiasco started and check back in a year. You should be looking down your nose at that fading penciled in line.

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