Heavy rains rolled into Jackson County Monday evening and continued throughout the night. This created local flooding along several of the county and state highways. Jamie Strong, Emergency Management Director reported, “The normal low lying areas were flooded. Hwy 89 S is basically shut down from the sewer plant around 3 or 4 miles out. It also has high water in 3 or 4 more locations. 421 N from McKee has several locations with water in one lane. Mildred, Dunigan, Welchburg, and Mae Gumm always flood in significant rain events. We did have trees take out telephone poles and block the road in 2 locations, one on Hwy 89S, (which has been cleared) and the other on 1071 past Pinkhouse Rd which is currently closed while crews repair downed lines. City of McKee Volunteer Fire and Rescue was dispatched out to 2 stalled cars in flood waters on Indian Creek along Hwy 89S. They successfully got one occupant (Brad Minter) out of their vehicle safely and the other one (a female) had gotten out of the car on her own.”

Rain is forecast for several days so local officials are monitoring the situation. They advise no one to try to cross areas, especially bridges) that are flooded. It is difficult to determine the depth of flood waters and even slightly flooded creeks are very powerful and can sweep vehicles off the road threatening the lives of the occupants.

One Jackson County resident, Will Brock, from Sand Lick, KY took advantage of the flood waters on Hamilton Bottoms near the Big Turtle Trail Head to enjoy some recreational kayaking!!

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