*** Road Conditions on 421 ***
If you don't have to be out tonight, please don't. Hwy 421 on the near the Big Hill area is flooded and debris is in the roadway. The State Highway and fire crews are on scene trying to keep it cleaned off and traffic slowed down in these areas. It appears we are going to be getting more rain most of the night, so expect any low-lying area to be flooded and drive responsibly.
***Road Conditions***
Debris keeps washing into the road near 3447 (Morrill Kirby-Knob Road) State Highway is trying to keep it clear try to avoid this area.
The 421 area near Brewers Truss Company and the stretch prior to that area was flooded just minutes ago.
Adkinstown Road is flooded in two areas one at the bottom of the hill from 421 and the other is down near the 290 side near the bridge. Use Upper Hays Rd. instead if possible.
Most low-lying areas will be flooded and due to the amount of rain we have had and will be getting areas that are not normally prone to flooding may be affected throughout the night. Drive responsibly.
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