Adam McCowan


Annapolis, Maryland


Congratulations to Adam McCowan for completing his Plebe (Freshman) year at the United States Naval Academy.

 Plebe year is full of challenges for first year students. The day starts at 5:30 and doesn’t end until lights out at 11:00, then it starts all over again. Days are filled with morning workouts, academics, and a mandatory sports period for all midshipmen. All Plebes are required to take the same classes which include  Chemistry I & II, Calculus I & II, English I & II, Government, Naval History, Seamanship & Navigation, Leadership, Boxing, Wrestling, and Swimming. Adam validated Calculus I which allowed him to take Calculus II & III. In spite of all the time restrictions and demands he achieved the Commandants and Superintendents Lists both semesters.


Although his year did not end traditionally with Sea Trials and the Herndon Climb to mark the end of Plebe year. Sea Trials became E-Trials, a modified version of the physical endurance tests, with plebes participating remotely. Instead of 14 hours, E-Trials took place over an eight-hour period on Saturday, June 6, 2020. There were seven scored physical challenges to be done at home. The Superintendent and Commandant climbed Herndon for the Class of 2023 assuring them that they would have the chance to do it themselves once they are back at the Academy. 

With Plebe year now over, Adam is looking forward to next year and the new challenges that lie ahead during his Youngster (Sophomore) year. Go Navy! Beat Army!

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