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The Jackson County Fire Alliance held, what is hoped to be, their First Annual Auction on Saturday September 28th at the Bond Memorial Park. The Auction raised more than $9,000, all of which will be distributed equally between the four fire departments in Jackson County. Sand Gap, Pond Creek, McKee and Gray Hawk Fire Departments came together in early spring to form the Alliance primarily for the purpose of fund raising. This does not mean that the four fire departments lost their individual identities. The Fire Alliance decided that by working together on some projects, such as the auction, can be better than working alone. They also aligned themselves with the development association, making all donations to the alliance 100% tax deductible. The four fire chiefs, Kyle Welch, McKee Fire Department, Cleon Bingham, Gray Hawk Fired Department, Lonnie Madden, Sand Gap Fire Department and Larry Bowling, Pond Creek Fire Department, want to thank all who donated items and all who purchased items. The Fire departments are all volunteer and are responsible for raising money to support their expenses. Which is around $100,000 per year, per department. This auction will assist in making Jackson County a more fire safe place. If you did not contribute to the auction and would like to help your fire department you can continue to do so at any time. The Jackson County Development Association has established and account at Jackson County Bank where you can make your deposit. All donations will be distributed equally to the fire departments. You may also continue to support your local Fire Department by giving directly to the fire department. There are many important individuals in the communities of Jackson County, but none more important than a volunteer.

Again, thank you Jackson County for supporting our first annual auction.

The Jackson County Fire Alliance and The Jackson County Development Association.

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