2019 JCMS Academic team.tif

(Back Row) L-R: Lawson Sallee, Owen Gray, Cailtin Isaacs, Jarrod Paul, Declan Stephens, Jordan Turben, Zeke Purkey, and Jalee Davis

(Front Row) L-R: Addan Witt, Rebekah Jones, Jaden Brock, Virginia Witt, Mara Neace, Garrett Strong, and Coach Jim Morgan


JCHS Academic Team.tif

(Back Row) L-R: Coach Jeania Conn, Lucia Aguilo, Hunter Isaacs, Cameron Parrett, Lane Roberts, Ben Madden, Coach Jordan Hays

(Front Row) L-R: Chris Smith, Emily Tutt, Davin Crowe, Isabelle Truett, Bubby Vaughn, Nicki Seals


Congratulations to the academic teams at both the Jackson County Middle School and the Jackson County High School. The JCHS Academic Team are now the Quick Recall League Champions! They finished their undefeated season in a nail-biting final round that went to overtime.

The Jackson County Middle School Academic Team ended their regular season with a first place overall finish in the Holiday Bowl on Saturday, November 16, 2019. The Quick Recall team took first place honors for the third year in a row! The Future Problem Solving team won second place.

In composition, Larkin Vaughn finished as champion followed by Natalie Sandlin in second place and Mara Neace in third. In math, Mason Roark was the overall champion and Jarrod Paul took fifth place honors. Science found Mara Neace in first place for the second year in a row, with Lawson Sallee in third place and Jenna Creech finishing in fifth place. Social studies found some Jackson County students ranking in the top with Jenna Creech finishing in third place and Jalee Davis finishing in fifth place.

In Arts and Humanities, Rebekah Jones and Zeke Purkey tied for fifth place. Finally, in the language arts division, Declan Stephens ended the day with a third place finish.

According to Coach Jim Morgan, this is a good indicator of what is going to be coming up in the future. This is the tip off of the tournament season with the sixth grade showcase coming up after Thanksgiving and the Governor’s Cup beginning in January. Morgan stated, “We are building on our success from last year. The students have really pulled together as a team, they are loaded with ability, and this year with experience! I am very proud of what they have accomplished so far this year.”

Coach Morgan is assisted by the assistant coach, Jana Taylor.

The sixth grade academic team will be in action on December 7th at Farristown Middle School as they compete in section 30 of the sixth grade showcase.

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