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Government offices and agencies have been given the green light to reopen Monday May 18, 2020 in Kentucky as Beshear's "Healthy at Work" plan continues. Under state guidelines, government offices and agencies must ensure that employees are wearing face masks when in public areas and that everyone is practicing social distancing. These are the latest businesses to be able to reboot under Beshear's plan to loosen coronavirus-related restrictions. Last week, manufacturing and pet grooming companies, among others, could open up their doors once again.

Kentucky ReOpening Phase 2

Be kind. Be respectful. Social distancing! Wash your hands! Lets behave in a manner so that no one gets sick. We can keep our businesses safely open and our kids will get to safely go back to school on time next fall. Lets not screw this up!

Retail shops will be able to reopen on Wednesday and restaurants on Friday, under Beshear's plan.

County Judge Executive Shane Gabbard announced that the courthouse in McKee will reopen on May 26th, 2020. Judge Gabbard reported:

“On Tuesday May 26th we plan to open up the Old Courthouse. The Old Courthouse has my office, the County Clerk Duck Moore and the Sheriff's Office housed in it. Driver’s License, Family and other Court Services are in the New Courthouse. Circuit Clerk Doris Ward Office is in the New Courthouse and they will not know until later this week when they will be able to open up.

Below are our guidelines for the Old Courthouse as we reopen:

• If you have been sick in the last 7-14 days or are experiencing any fever, cold or flu like symptoms please stay home. You can still do most business by phone or internet if you would like.

• We will be practicing Social Distancing. This means there will only 2 people allowed in The Sheriff’s Office and Clerks Office at one time. We will only allow 1 person in the hallway at all times waiting to enter a particular Office. There will be a mark on the floor where you will be advised to stand to wait your turn.

• We will only have one Courthouse door open. I know that's an inconvenience for many but we feel it's necessary at this time. The only door that will be open is the front door of the Courthouse due to it being the handicap accessible entrance.

• We have hand sanitizing stations set up and the restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized on the hour.

• We encourage you to wear a mask while in the Courthouse. This is for your safety and the safety of our employees.

• The deed room will only be allowing 2 customers.

• I ask that you please be respectful of the staff as they navigate through these difficult times.

• My office will be accessed by appointment only. It will remain closed to public traffic. My staff will be working and I will be in and out as we still don't have our Road Department back to work and I am trying to help our Magistrates as I can. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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