Judge Shane Gabbard

We have had a busy start to the new Fiscal Year in the Judges Office. We are working to stay on top of new projects and request for funding. It seems that our parks have gained a lot of attention this year and we have been looking for revenue to improve and develop them further and consider what they will need in the future. We also are working with Local Government Financers through KACO to see if we qualify for lower interest rates for our Jail lease. We could see some significant savings with interest rates being lower so we are watching it very closely. The road department is back in full swing and busy and the Transfer Station has reopened the recycling center. Everything and every department we oversee is operating fully but with limited funds. Our Emergency Management department is in constant contact with the Health department to make sure supplies are there to fight the pandemic we are still in. All Local Government Offices are open but some are restricted to what services are available due to COVID-19. The big picture is we are here and we are working but there isn’t much new going on because things are so unpredictable. We have several grant applications in and are hoping for brighter days ahead but until we hear from the applications there isn’t much we can report. If we get everything we have applied for we will have several good announcements in the days ahead. In the meantime we will work and wait.

 The last 7 months my family and myself have dealt with several unexpected things. My Dad and Mom have both had several bouts with sickness and injury but are both doing much better now. The support, kind words and prayers that I have received for myself and my family have been a tremendous blessing. Jackson and surrounding Counties are truly blessed with some wonderful people. On Sunday July 19th we received some of the most shocking news. My wife’s Grandmother and long time Lakes Funeral Home Employee, Georgia Young, had passed away in her sleep. I spent most of last week just trying to comfort and console my family. To know Georgia was to love her. She frequented almost ever business in McKee. She had a personality that I wish could rub off on many of us today. She will be missed in more than one way. The great thing about small town life is situations like this. We love each other through it. It makes it that much more of an honor to serve our citizens in Jackson County. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the kind words, support and prayers for our family.  God Bless

Shane Gabbard

Jackson County Judge Executive


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