Judge Shane Gabbard

 The last week has been very busy for myself, Magistrates and employees of the Fiscal Court. We have a large list of things we are working to address as well as projects we are looking to move forward. Magistrate Dale Vaughn took the lead on starting the final phase of the RV Campground construction at Flat Lick Falls after we met with Judy Schmidt who has developed the plans, gotten the permits and basically designed the project. Miss Schmidt has been a leading part of local park construction for several years in Jackson County and has basically designed and helped build every park we have. Darrell Combs has worked for many years putting pride into park maintenance and even though he has retired is still a big component of how the Parks operate. After consultation together with these folks, Magistrate Vaughn, Magistrate Garvin Baker, several of members our Road Department as well as Work release inmates have put a lot of time in constructing the actual campsites. The entire Fiscal Court has worked hard to ensure that this project got funded and my staff has worked one on one with the Department for Local Government to make sure all documentation is correct and there is no hold up in the completion of the Campground. I have to say that I believe this project could be one of the biggest investments we have made in Jackson County in many years. I am confident when this project is inspected and complete that we will see a boost in our local economy. If this project produces interest and revenue like we believe it will, we plan only to expand from there. I hope the community is pleased with the amounts of investment we plan to make in our parks this year. It’s all a part of development that has to happen for a Community to thrive. 

 Speaking on the subject of development, we had a successful community pride meeting last week. Several members of the community came out to the Courthouse to discuss the trash and general problem of places that are an eyesore to our Community. We discussed roadside litter, creek and stream cleanup, community revitalization, recycling efforts and the problem with noncompliance with the Solid Waste Ordinance. One of the big topics was education. There seems to be a general misconception about how the Solid Waste ordinance works. We plan to put some publications out soon to address that issue. We would also like to invest in some no littering signs, place some localized recycling stations for communities to use, host community contests promoting community pride as well as look into drafting our own nuisance ordinance to be considered by the Fiscal Court. This kind of ordinance would hold property owners accountable if they were to have a large amount general junk just laying around as becoming an eyesore. This is something that has needed addressed for years now and if we want to see tourism grow, we must address it now. That is why I called a community meeting on the issue. I want our citizens input on it. We plan to have another meeting next month to look at sample ordinances for consideration and work on a draft of our own. I encourage every citizen that wants to see our community clean up to try and attend that meeting. We will have it of the evening and advertise it for a couple weeks before we meet. This is our time to move forward in Jackson County. I hope to see you be a part of it. 

Have a blessed week.       

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