Shane Gabbard

Jackson County Judge Executive Shane Gabbard

If I could pick a word to describe myself within the last few weeks I would definitely pick the word Busy. That’s not a complaint by no means, that just means we have a lot of different things going on in every department. The road department is changing tiles in places as well as filling potholes. Several roads have needed gravel after all the rain so they are working on that as well. The Solid Waste Coordinator has been getting paperwork together and signed in order to receive litter abatement money again this year. That is the money that pays the workgroups to pickup roadside litter. We have also been looking over Grant applications to see if there is anything we can apply for. I spent the day Friday in Frankfort meeting with the new Commissioner and Staff at DLG. We are looking at doing some things in Jackson County later this year if we can find the right grant money to do them with. I felt as if it was a productive meeting and that we all got on the same page with some needs we have in our community. I haven’t been very successful in the past at securing Grant funds but that shouldn’t and won’t keep me from applying again. You won’t receive anything if you don’t apply. I will keep everyone informed as we receive information on what we hope will come out of these meetings.

This week looks to be a full one as well for many of us within the Fiscal Court. We will be attending a Conference towards the end of the week in Lexington. The Conference is being put on by the Kentucky County Judge Executives Association. The KCJEA is an organization that acts as a liaison between County Judges and other Elected Officials as well as contractors and consultants. I have been a member of this organization since 2015. The KCJEA is a great resource for policy and procedures and help on wording for ordinances and other documents. It’s also a place where Counties can talk about and compare ideas for growth and development. I’m looking forward the Confefence as it always proves to be very informational and helpful with things that we do in our Communities.

I want to end my notes this week by giving a word of encouragement to the JCHS band. My family and myself attended the Boys and Girls Basketball games last Friday and the band really outdid themselves. They were spot on and full of enthusiasm. To see the joy that was on their faces brought out by the notes in the music they were making was awesome. Keep it up kids. You are doing great.

Have a blessed week.

Shane Gabbard

Jackson County Judge Executive


PO Box 175 Mckee KY 40447

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