Shane Gabbard

Jackson County Judge Executive Shane Gabbard

Since the last Fiscal Court meeting I have been in several meetings.  We have started the application process for a grant that would build a much needed EMS building.  Currently our EMT’s are staying in the Senior Citizen’s Center while the ambulances are parked under a carport or down the road at the Health Department in their garage.  The Health Department needs to occupy their garage and has limited access due to our ambulances being maintenance there.  We have a good working relationship with the Health Department and they are willing to work with us and are willing to help in any way.  We appreciate the partnership they have given us by allowing us to use the garage even though they don’t have any say in the operation of EMS anymore since EMS is its own taxing district now.  The need is there for EMS to have its own facility.  I have a meeting in a few weeks with DLG and the CVADD in Frankfort to get into the application and ultimately get this project funded.

The litter throughout the County is as bad as it’s ever been.  We can send an inmate crew out to pick up a road and within a week that road will be covered in litter again.  There is no excuse for this.  I have been in contact with other County Judges recently about Nuisance Ordinances and have received several County’s throughout the State’s version of this type of ordinance.  I receive phone calls weekly concerning litter and junk and it appears we, as a Fiscal Court, need to put one in place.  I have been in contact with the County Attorney and we will be drafting a version that we think may best suit our community.  Once it is drafted, I will present it to the Court for review and discussion.  The garbage, junk on property and abandoned buildings will all be addressed in this ordinance.  It is time to clean up Jackson County.  We are also going to ask our Judicial System to hand down stiffer fines and penalties when someone comes in that has received a citation for burning garbage and violating the Solid Waste Ordinance that is already in place in Jackson County.  Our Transfer Station is losing money and a lot of the reason is all the extra garbage that the inmates and other crews have to pick up.  It’s time to address this problem.  It will take a community effort to fix it.

Have a blessed week. 

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