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The Laurel County Sheriff's Office began conducting a death investigation when 2 victims were found. The original report from the Laurel County Sheriff's Office and updates are as follows:
Original report:
Laurel Sheriff's Lieut. Chris Edwards is investigating the death of two individuals in Eastern Laurel County. Sheriff's deputies were called to a residence after an acquaintance conducting a welfare check found a male deceased outside the residence and a female deceased inside a residence on Sunday morning February 21, 2021 at approximately 10:32 AM. Cause of death has not been determined. An autopsy will be conducted in Frankfort to determine the cause of death. Assisting at the scene for the Laurel County Sheriff's office was: Deputy Allen Turner, Deputy Jamie Etherton, Deputy Dylan Messer, Detective Robert Reed, Detective Taylor McDaniel, Detective Bryon Lawson, and Lieut. Chris Edwards who is the case officer. Also assisting at the same was the Laurel County coroner's office, ambulance Inc. of Laurel County, and London Laurel rescue squad. Names of deceased will be released following next of kin notification. Laurel Sheriff's Lieut. Chris Edwards continues to investigate.
Update: Victims’ names released 2-22-21:
James Duff age 62 and Dinah Duff age 63 , husband and wife, of Pinehill- Brock Road, London found deceased at their home off Pinehill- Brock Road, approx. 5 miles east of London. Cause of death yet to be determined. Autopsy scheduled for today (2-22-21)
Investigation is continuing by Laurel Sheriff’s Lt. Chris Edwards.
Update #2 : Released on 2-22-21 at 3:41 P.M.-Laurel Sheriff’s Detective Taylor McDaniel attended the autopsy. Preliminary autopsy results indicate that the two victims apparently died as a result of hypothermia. Laurel Sheriff’s Lt. Chris Edwards continues to investigate.
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