Apple Mart

Apple Mart (Shell) in McKee, KY gets their first shipment of beer to sell after the residents of the City of McKee approved alcohol sales within the city limits in last year's election. 

Registered voters inside the City of McKee went to the polls on last November and made history for the City of McKee as well as the entirety of Jackson County. On Monday, September 09, 2019. Judge Gabbard formally entered Order #09032019 into the minutes of the fiscal court meeting authorizing (pursuant to KRS 242.030) the placement of a “local option election question” on the upcoming November 05th, 2019 McKee City ballot. The action of the fiscal court was mandated because a petition was circulated within the City of McKee that successfully garnered enough signatures to include the local option question, “Are you in favor of the sale of alcoholic beverages in the City of McKee” on the upcoming November 5th, 2019 General Election City of McKee ballot. On Election Day (Tuesday, November 05th, 2019) a total of 181 City of McKee voters made their way to the polls to cast their vote on the issue. The final vote was 100 in favor of alcohol sales in McKee and 81 opposed to alcohol sales in McKee.

The Alcohol Beverage Control Board advertised legal notice in the Jackson County Sun on February 05, 2020 that there were two (2) Quota Retail Package Licenses available within the City of McKee.

Once all application were submitted for consideration for the available Quota Retail Package license, the Alcohol Beverage Control Board requested an economic impact statement from each applicant. The applications were given to the Distilled Spirits Administrator to review and ultimately make a decision on who they feel deserves the license. It is not based on a first come first serve basis. The Distilled Spirits Administrator often reaches out to the Local ABC Administrator (City of McKee established Office and Position) for their input but the decision was ultimately made by the State Administrator.

There were several applications submitted to the state ABC. Island City Liquor Express (located next to the Jackson County Health Department) and Liquor World Express 2 (located next to Chicken Hut) were both approved by the state for their liquor licenses. Both of these facilities are still in the process of remodeling and are not currently operational or open for business.

At this time, Shell/Apple Market has also been approved to sell packaged alcohol (beer). They received their first beer shipments for sale on Monday, May 18th, 2020.

The last time this issue was addressed by Jackson County voters was in 1937. According to the April 08th, 1937 issue of the Jackson County Sun, Jackson County was voted “dry” on April 03rd, 1937 with a vote of 1,568 to 214. The voting was the result of a drive that began in September 1936. A petition was secured with the required number of signatures to place the local option on the ballot for the next election. However, improper posting of public notices delayed the vote from the initial date of December 05, 1936 to April 03, 1937. The local option law forbid the sale of all alcoholic beverages within the county. Approximately one third of all the voters participated in that vote.

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