Lonnie Madden, Chief of the Sand Gap Volunteer Fire and Rescue reported that they had responded to three structure fires in three days! The first one occurred last Thursday (June 11, 2020) when they responded to a fire on Knuckles Road. A small trailer was on fire and suffered substantial damage. Luckily there was no one at home at the time. The second fire was the next day (Friday, June 12, 2020) when they responded to a house trailer serving as the residence of Allie Bonta in a trailer court owned by William O. Smith. The fire left the structure standing but Chief Madden reported that it was basically destroyed. On Saturday (June 13, 2020) the fire department responded to a house fire on US 421 located near Clover Bottom. The house was the residence of Virgil Stone. Luckily, Mr. Stone’s wife alerted everyone to the fire early enough to allow the residents to escape. No lives were lost at any of the fires. The rescue effort was complicated at one residence by the presence of a downed power line that was lying across the road while arcing electricity. Chief Madden said they had to wait for Jackson Energy to cut power from the line before they could cross to the fire. Chief Madden wanted to extend his thanks to the McKee Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, the Climax Fire Department and Mount Vernon for provided mutual aid assistance over the 3 day rescue efforts.

Our local volunteer fire fighters risk their lives every time they respond to a fire. They do this because they are dedicated to our community. They are real life heroes! If you see them in public give them all a big “Thank You!” The next house and life they save may be yours!!

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