Shane Morris

Shane Morris is a retired soldier and teacher.  Contact at (Subject:  “Notes”)


1.  All guns are always loaded.

2.  Never cover anything you’re not

willing to destroy.

3.  Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

4.  Always be sure of your target.

Violation of Rule #3 is responsible for the vast majority of firearms negligent discharges.  Notice I did not use the commonly heard “accidental” discharge.  G. Gordon Liddy famously pointed out you can place a magazine into a Colt’s Model 1911A1; charge the slide; carefully lay the pistol upon the floor; and close the door to a room for a thousand years.  When archeologists break the door’s seal in the far distant future, said handgun will still remain unfired.  It takes an operator, pressing the trigger to the rear, in order to discharge a mechanically sound firearm.  Guns do not “accidently” fire themselves.

     Alright, so we don’t rest our finger upon the trigger until our sights are on the target and we’ve decided to fire.  Where are we supposed to place our trigger finger in the meantime?  My advice is to find a place on the firearm’s frame, cylinder, or slide which is repeatably found day or night; whether you find yourself right side up or upside down.  Bottom Line:  Professional gunmen religiously keep their finger(s) outside the trigger guard, away from the “bang” switch until the sights are aligned with the target and the appropriate decision to fire has been made.  When I place my finger on the trigger; I fully expect there to soon follow a very loud noise.

Next Week:  Rule #4

Shane Morris is a retired soldier and teacher.  Contact at (Subject:  “NtC”)

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