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Airvoy Jackson

Airvoy Jackson, 15, of Jackson County has been reported MISSING! Any one with information regarding his whereabouts should contact the Jackson County Sheriff at 606-287-7121 or the teens father Raymond Wilson at 606-493-9877

Airvoy Jackson, a fifteen year old male, has been missing for several days now. Airvoy ran away from home in the middle of the night and has not yet been located. Airvoy was born January 25, 2005. He is 5’10’’ tall and weighs 160 lbs. He has dark blonde hair. 

If you have any information on his location, please contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Office at 606-287-712.  Airvoy’s father is Raymond Wilson and he can be reached at 606-493-9877. Sheriff Hays stressed that the juvenile is in no criminal trouble at this time, but they need to locate him and take him home.  

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