John Davis

The talk of the town has been the coming stimulus checks and for some the pork laden bill that comes along with it. The biggest point of contention I’ve een wrestled about is the fight even amongst those of the same party over the amount of dollars given to the American people. Some are shouting 600 isn’t enough and 2,000 is too hefty. A lesser amount of folks are frustrated by the amount of foreign spending on frivolous issues. The biggest bulk of the talk I’m picking up revolves around the ideal that we should receive larger amount with less waste abroad. I’ll concur on the less waste but the bigger issue being blindly overlooked is how and why this entire bill is being discussed. 

 The government has essentially took a tire iron to your kneecap then offered you a pair of hand-me-down crutches as a consultation prize convincing you that groveling should ensue for the gift of crutches. The far bigger issue is the fact a government forcefully shut everything down crippling the economy then offering a splinter as you drown. It shouldn’t be about the size of the life preserver they are taunting you with but the fact they tossed you in the water to begin with. Many have Stockholm Syndrome it seems. 

A government that is in financial ruins despite being the wealthiest nation on earth in nearly every aspect is tossing money to foreign nations like a banker at the 4th parade. The amount of waste is staggering plunging our kids, grandkids and more undoubtedly into debt purposely bringing them to the belief only big government can save you. 

 We have become blind to logical thinking. A handful of silver has bought our silence and obedience. The fight on the surface may appear to be over the perceived amount of stimulus dollars owed to us but we are truly missing the forest and the trees believing that is the issue. 

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