Visitors to the dam at Beulah Lake will be greeted by a new Kiosk installed as part of the working relationship established between the Jackson County Water Association and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. The kiosk contains information pertinent to the fishing opportunities provided by Beulah Lake. It also provides an opportunity to post additional information on an as-needed basis. Board member Tim Madden says that the lake is being used more and more for recreational purposes. Fishermen and kayaks are being seen on the lake more often than usual. In the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, people are eager to find a safe way to enjoy recreational opportunities. Being outdoors and on the lake are perfect ways to stay safe and still enjoy the summer!

Efforts to improve recreational and fisheries opportunities began when JCWA entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department to enhance the fisheries of Tyner (Beulah) Lake several years ago. Earlier in March 2020 members of the JCWA Board of Directors and representatives of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources met at the dam of Beulah Lake near Tyner, KY to officially cut the ribbon for a new courtesy dock. The new dock is 8 feet by 20 feet and the gangway is 40 feet. JCWA President Dallas Cox said, “We are fortunate to have a new dock at the lake. We certainly appreciate all the help from the KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.”

Prior to completion of the dock the collaboration focused on structural improvements in the lake habitat as well as thinning the largemouth bass population to make it healthier.

The structures added to Beulah Lake to enhance fisheries are all natural and will not impact either the water supply capacity or the water quality of the lake. This is important since the primary function of Beulah Lake is to serve as a water supply for many residents in Jackson County. Board member Tim Madden said, “Anything we can do to facilitate a multipurpose usage of the lake (such as improved fishing) without compromising the integrity of our water supply purpose will help our community.”

Management has also included efforts to thin the numerous, but small, largemouth bass from the lake by removing them to the Rockcastle Wildlife Management Area.

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