Tiffani Chapman

Tiffani Chapman, 30, of McKee, KY

Tiffani Chapman, 30, of McKee, KY appeared in District Court Monday before Judge Allen B. Roberts for arraignment on multiple drug charges. Chapman was arrested on March 30, 2021 by KSP Trooper Scott Townsley. 

According to documents obtained from the Jackson County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, Jackson County Dispatch received a call of a trespassing complaint on Moores Creek Greenhill Road. The caller advised dispatch that a vehicle pulled into his driveway and was sitting behind his house. The uniform citation states that when Trooper Townsley arrived on the scene  he observed a silver car parked behind the residence with a female (Tiffani Chapman) sitting in the passenger seat. Chapman was asked to step out of the car and she complied.

Chapman told Trooper Townsley that she was supposed to be meeting someone and she was not sure if she was at the correct place. Trooper Townsley asked for consent to search the car for anything illegal and consent was granted. A small pink change purse was observed sitting in the driver’s seat. Inside the purse Trooper Townsley observed a small clear plastic bag. The bag contained several white pills marked n 358 on one side and 10 on the other side. The pills are suspected to be Hydrocodone ( a schedule 2 narcotic). Trooper Townsley also observed a cut straw in the bag that contained a white residue. 

A small backpack/bag was also observed sitting in the front passenger seat. After opening the bag Trooper Townsley observed an oval-shaped blue zip-up soft container sitting on top of other items in the bag. Inside this small blue container was a small clear ziplock bag containing several variations of white pills and one orange pill. Some of the pills were like those previously found in the other bag (Hydrocodone). The other white pills were marked SG 178. They are suspected to be Gabapentin (a schedule 4 narcotic). The orange pill was marked IG 323 400 mg which is also suspected to be Gabapentin. Also in the same ziplock plastic bag Trooper Townsley located a light blue folded piece of paper that contained a crystal substance suspected to be methamphetamine. In addition, Townsley located a red folded piece of paper that contained a brown substance suspected to be Heroin. 

Chapman was read her Miranda rights and placed under arrest. On the trip to the Jackson County Detention Center, Trooper Townsley advised Chapman of the substances he found inside the vehicle. Chapman was asked who she was bringing the drugs to and she stated she wasn’t bringing them to anyone she just had them with her. When asked what she was doing with the drugs she stated that she was given the drugs by a person.

Chapman was arraigned on several drug charges including: 1st degree possession of CS/Heroin, 1st offense; possession of a controlled substance, 1st degree, 1st offense (methamphetamine); Trafficking in controlled substance, 1st offense (>= 10 D.U. Drug Unspecified); possession of controlled substance, 3rd degree - drug unspecified (2 counts); controlled substance prescription not in original container 1st (3 counts); and drug paraphernalia - buy/possess.

Chapman entered a plea on “not guilty” and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for April 12, 2021. Chapman remains in custody under a $10,000 cash bond while awaiting her next court appearance. 


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