Keith Lakes Vehicle

Photo taken from Chief Sizemore's body cam of the vehicle stolen at New Hope Recovery and Counseling in McKee, KY

On Monday August 17, 2020 at approximately 1:30 PM, McKee Police Chief Jonathon Sizemore was dispatched to the New Hope Counseling and Recovery Center located in McKee in regards to a call about a stolen vehicle. Upon his arrival, he made contact with the victim, Keith Lakes, who stated that a male subject, who Mr. Lakes identified as Johnathon Hoskins, had taken the key to his Chevrolet Avalanche without his knowledge or permission, and left the premises with the vehicle. Chief Sizemore completed the theft report, and had the vehicle entered into NCIC as stolen.

At approximately 3:30 PM, Sheriff Paul Hays contacted Chief Sizemore in reference to a tip he had received in regards to some possibly stolen items at a residence on McCammon Ridge Road. It was reported to Sheriff Hays that Johnathon Hoskins had dropped these items off at this residence earlier in the day. While following up on this tip at the residence, Chief Sizemore observed the stolen vehicle pull into the driveway, then quickly turn around and vacate the premises. The vehicle turned back onto McCammon travelling towards McKee. Chief Sizemore advised Sheriff Hays about the vehicle, which allowed Sheriff Hays to stop the vehicle at the old BAE Systems buildings.

Two associates of Mr. Lakes had previously located the vehicle in Tyner, with Mr. Hoskins driving. One associate confronted Mr. Hoskins, and convinced him to let him drive the vehicle back to Mr. Lakes. While on their trip back, Mr. Hoskins requested to stop at the residence on McCammon, but upon seeing Chief Sizemore, told the driver he had changed his mind, and wanted to get on with returning the vehicle. While driving towards McKee, the driver stated Mr. Hoskins jumped out of the vehicle while they were passing the House of Refuge Church, for reasons unknown to him at the time. After he was stopped by Sheriff Hays, the driver then relayed the information that Mr. Hoskins had abruptly vacated the vehicle and ran off into the woods.

Mr. Hoskins currently has three outstanding warrants for arrest, and Chief Sizemore is working with the County Attorney to seek additional warrants in reference to this incident. The investigation is still ongoing. The stolen truck has been returned to its owner, and other stolen items were recovered from inside of the truck and the residence on McCammon. These items are believed to be part of an open investigations originating out of Manchester; Chief Sizemore is waiting for confirmation and identification of these items. 

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