Mayor Tompkins called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. Roll call showed Joe McKinney, Cathy Howell, Charles Welch, Jewell Gabbard, Vickie Gabbard, and Mary Ruth Isaacs in attendance.

The first order of business was to accept the minutes from the August 16, 2021 regular meeting. Cathy Howell made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Jewell Gabbard seconded the motion. All in favor – motion passed, with Joe McKinney abstaining due to his absence from that meeting.

Mayor Tompkins introduced Randy Craft from AdventHealth Manchester. Mr. Craft introduced himself and outlined the plans for the new clinic opening here in McKee. He stated that their intention is to start out being open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. They hope to expand and find a weekend provider, and as their business grows, they hope to expand their hours to be later. They also hope to be open by mid-October. Mr. Craft stated that they want to service local people and employ local people. He stated their biggest goal is that they want to offer as much care to people as possible so that they don’t have to leave town to get care.

The Council addressed the issue of lease of the lot beside of S&T. Mayor Tompkins is going to check into how long a lease can be at a time before it must be reconsidered.

An ordinance for city street adoption was presented to the council. Council member Mary Ruth Isaacs is going to try to find some copies of old ordinances concerning previous street adoption. The current ordinance will be revisited at the next meeting.

The council was presented with a Municipal Road Aid Resolution from the state. A motion was made to accept the resolution by Joe McKinney, seconded by Charles Welch. All in favor – motion passed.

A first reading of the 2021 Ad Valorem Tax Rate Ordinance was executed.

Mayor Tompkins presented the council with designs and an estimate for signs. The council stated that while they liked the signs presented, they would like to see at least three estimates for signs to ensure that the city is making the most cost-efficient decision.

Joe McKinney made a motion to adjourn, second by Vickie Gabbard. All in favor – motion passed.

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