Jonathan Mullins

Jonathan Mullins evaded capture for several days before being apprehended in association with the armed robbery of the Dollar General Store in Tyner, KY

The Kentucky State Police, Richmond Post was called just after 1:00 pm Monday, June 29, 2020 in reference to an armed robbery that occurred at the Dollar General Store on Creech Hollow Rd in Jackson County in Tyner, KY. The initial investigation indicated that a man entered the store with a pistol and demanded money. (Investigations later revealed that the weapon involved was a pellet gun that appeared to be a regular firearm) The man took the cash drawer and an undisclosed amount of cash and left the store in a White 2005 Kia Sedan, heading north on US 421. A short time later, the McKee Police Department observed the vehicle on KWY-89 in Jackson County near McKee, KY. The vehicle drove into a ditch and two men ran on foot into a wooded area. Law enforcement officers from the KSP, McKee Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office searched the area, but were unable to locate the men. One of the men was described as a white male with a brown beard, who was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans and a camouflage ball cap.

Early Saturday morning (shortly after midnight) on August 01, 2020 KSP Trooper Tanner Johnson was contacted by Jackson County Sheriff Deputy Bobby Edwards stating that he had received a call from Sheriff Paul Hays indicating that the suspect, Jonathan Mullins, 25, of Annville, KY was at his Grandmother’s residence. Deputy Edwards stated that he was informed that Mullins was in the attic. Deputy Bobby Edwards, J. R. Weaver and Shawn Madden located Mullins at a house on Pond Lick Branch Road. Deputy Edwards was lifted up to look into the attic and he located Mullins hiding in a back corner covered in insulation. Mullins refused to make contact with Deputy Edwards and would not exit the attic. However, when Trooper Johnson attempted he was successful and Mullins made contact and came down from the attic without incident. 

Mullins was arrested and taken to the Jackson County Detention center where he was charged with Robbery, 1stdegree. Mullins appeared in District Court before Judge Henria Bailey-Lewis on Monday, August 03, 2020 for arraignment on the charge of Robbery, 1stdegree. Mullins entered a not guilty plea. The court determined he was considered a “danger to self or others” and scheduled a preliminary hearing for August 10, 2020. Mullins is being detained in custody on a $100,000 cash bond. While in court Mullins also answered to a previous arrest warrant for the charge of burglary, 1stdegree. This incident stems from an arrest warrant generated in association with a complaint alleging that on January 03, 2020 Mullins entered the residence of John Harlow, Jr. in Jackson County armed with a deadly weapon and stole a 9mm black semiautomatic pistol (estimated value of $200.00), a .25 caliber semiautomatic pistol (estimated value of $100.00) and a TV antenna (new, in box, value of $85). Mullins entered a not guilty plea to this charge as well. The court set a bond of $5,000 for this charge and also scheduled a preliminary hearing to coincide with the one set for the robbery charge. Mullins remains in custody awaiting the next court date.

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