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Law enforcement officials found approximately $3,000 in cash and a large amount of methamphetamine during the search of Alena Harrison, 42, of McKee, KY

Early Saturday, January 02, 2021 Deputy JR Weaver noticed the vehicle (a gold Chevy Cruze) of Alena Harrison parked outside the Louis Marx Pool room at the Gray Hawk Car Wash in Gray Hawk, KY. Harrison, 42, of McKee, KY had an active Jackson County warrant for failure to appear. Deputy Weaver located Harrison inside the game room.

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Alena Harrison, 42, of McKee, KY

A search of Harrison after her arrest revealed a large amount of methamphetamine located in her left front jacket pocket along with approximately $3,000 in cash and a set of digital scales. The search also revealed plastic bags. Deputy Weaver documented in the uniform citation that these items are typically associated with, and indicative of, drug trafficking.

Harrison was arrested and transported to the Jackson County Detention Center where she was charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, 1st degree, 1st offense (> or = 2 grams of methamphetamine); drug paraphernalia - buy/possess, and failure to appear. 

Harrison appeared in District Court before Judge Henria Bailey-Lewis on Monday where she entered a plea of “not guilty”. The court scheduled a preliminary hearing for January 11, 2021. Harrison is being held in custody under a $10,000 cash bond while awaiting the next court appearance. The court also rendered the determination that she was considered a “danger to self or others”. 

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