Jackson County is filled with talented people. People that, if given the right opportunity and chance, could be very successful doing just what seems to just come naturally to them. One such person is our own Jason “Beefy” Lainhart. Jason is known as being something of a comedian and clown. “I have been a nut my whole life,” Lainhart said. However, Jason is also an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/musician. Over the past few years Jason has combined his music with his comedy and he now has over 1,000 subscribers to his YouTube Channel and over 6,000 followers on his Facebook page. Go to his YouTube Channel and watch “Pull Ye Britches Up”, or “Embreaders Are World Wide” and you will see. “I have had fans of these songs from as far away as Tokyo, Japan. There was over 10 million views! It was unbelievable!” 

   Lainhart is self-taught as a musician. He started playing guitar when he was about 8 years old. “My older brother (11 years older) had an electric guitar and I would pick the lock on his door and sneak in to play it,” he recalled. “I like all genres of music and have been doing parodies of popular songs for as long as I can remember.” 

  The music and parodies that Jason sings touch a common note amongst most folks. He sings about people, places and circumstances that are familiar. For example, if you listen closely you will hear references to Chicken Hut and McKee as well as local friends. Jason uses comedy as entertainment but he would never consider “making fun” as an act of diminishing, “looking down”, or feeling superior. 

Jason’s mother, Betty Lainhart, passed away in March 1999. That was a difficult time. It was also the year that Jason was scheduled to graduate with the rest of his class from the JCHS. However, despite the fact that tough times got in the way Jason refused to let them stop him. He obtained his GED a couple years later and then went on to attend Midway College and Union College pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. His sister passed away in 2016 leaving him as the only surviving member of his family. 

In 2017 Jason was married to Tamera Allen of Annville, KY. Tamera has two young boys, Landon, 11 and Auston Hall, 9 from a previous marriage. On May 14th, 2019 the Jason and Tamera had a daughter together named Makenna. “My wife and kids are my everything!” Jason said. The only thing bigger than the smile on his face and the laughter he generates is the love in his heart. Jason is truly a wonderful, caring human being. We are lucky to consider him one of us!

Tune into the Jackson County Sun Facebook page “Live” on Thursday, September 03rd, 2020 at 4:00 pm when Jason will talk about his music, his comedy, and his family. One thing is for certain… you will be entertained!       

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