Larry Bradley Horn

Larry Bradley Horn, 35, of McKee, KY was arrested for public intoxication, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief

On Tuesday Sheriff Hays received a call from Dispatch to respond to a residence on Upper Dry Fork Road near Sand Gap. Allegedly, Larry Bradley Horn, 35, of McKee, KY was reportedly trying to get into a house while cursing and beating the doors and threatening a neighbor. According to the uniform citation filed at the Circuit Clerk’s Office, Horn had reportedly gotten into an altercation with someone and they had struck him with a ball bat. 

Upon Sheriff Hays arrival, the Jackson County Ambulance Service had already bandaged Horn’s head and was requesting to transport him to the hospital for further medical evaluation. Horn refused transport but agreed to go if his girlfriend could go with him. 

In the citation, Sheriff Hays described Horn as “laying in the edge of the road, obviously highly intoxicated.”  Sheriff Hays urged Horn to receive medical attention for his head injuries but he continued to refuse. Hays wrote, “He was belligerent, cursing me and stating he would not go anywhere with anyone.” Sheriff Hays wrote that he felt like Horn was out of control with conduct that placed others in fear and apprehension of violence and he knew that Horn could not remain at the location. Sheriff Hays felt like Horn’s behavior demonstrated that he was unable to maintain control of himself and would have likely gotten into more trouble. 

Sheriff Hays arrested Horn charging him with public intoxication. Horn resisted arrest in getting into the law enforcement vehicle and began beating the windows and screen. Sheriff Hays called for assistance and was able to get the door shut after a struggle. Sheriff Hays stated that Horn, “sprayed me with spit” as he attempted to gain control. 

On the trip to the hospital to get Horn medical attention Horn kicked the passenger door of the law enforcement vehicle several times causing significant damage. Horn refused medical attention at the hospital and Sheriff Hays obtained a statement from the hospital to that effect. 

Horn was then transported to the JacksonCounty Detention Center where he was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place (1st & 2nd offense); resisting arrest; criminal mischief, 2nd degree; and disorderly conduct, 2nd degree.  

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