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Coach Hallock and the 2020 JCHS Generals football team were scheduled to open their season this week hosting a team from Webster County in western Kentucky. The Webster County Trojans had agreed to travel over 4 hours to play the Generals on the home field in McKee. However, JCHS Principal Brian Harris just reported that the team has called to cancel their visit. The Superintendent of Webster County schools felt like the current COVID-19 rate in Jackson County represented too high a risk to their student athletes. 

Jackson County currently is shown on the dashboard of the Kentucky Public Health Department as having current rate of 77 infections/100,000 residents. On Thursday, September 03rd, 2020 the Cumberland Valley District Health Department reported 181 confirmed cases of COVID-19 to-date, 84 active cases, and 89 current probable cases in the county. 

Coach Hallock addressed the issue in a public service address showing his support for his team and his players but also recognizing that the kids can’t play if the community continues to experience a high rate of infection. Wearing a mask, limiting gatherings of people, good hand hygiene and social distancing are the keys for the community to help lower transmission rates in the county and thereby facilitate willingness from other counties to travel to Jackson County to participate in sporting events.  Lowering transmission and infection rates are also the key for students returning to in-person instruction at the end of September. The school district needs the help of the community. The school cannot control this on their own. We are all truly in this together. The community must be responsible regarding the health guidelines if we want to “let them Play!” They can’t play if no one wants to risk their child’s health because of an outbreak of a potentially deadly virus.  


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